In the past few months, Kali Uchis has been vocal about celebrating her Colombian roots. In July, she spoke to Rolling Stone about growing up between Virginia and Pereira, and how it was a formative experience for her identity. “My family is still there, and my parents are there now,” she said. “I got to experience both worlds in a way. I feel like that was really nice to have as a kid, and I would definitely want to give that to my own kid, the ability to have multiple places to call home.”

Now, the Los Angeles-based singer is giving back to her community. In early August, Uchis announced she’d be dedicating some time off to her family and her hometown of Pereira. On Twitter, she said she wanted to work with communities in need, in order “to return all the love Colombia has had for me.”

On Wednesday, she shared what she’s been working on over the last few weeks. “I was able to contribute medicine, groceries, school supplies, new shoes, household appliances, & even make house modifications for some families suffering from disabilities, illness & others who had nothing after fleeing from guerrilla warfare,” she said, referencing Colombia’s longstanding armed conflict. “[Though] I can’t share photos of everyone I will share these with you,” she wrote in the caption. Uchis has been selling vintage clothing on depop to raise money for the communities she is working with in Colombia. “This is my first time running my very own charity & I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to help anyone at all!!! Thank you,” she said.

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