Kali Uchis Teases Potential Juanes Collaboration on Instagram

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This morning, pastel princess Kali Uchis posted a photo with fellow parce Juanes. Sporting some matching, bedazzled pink cat-eye sunglasses, the two Colombians look like they’re already BFFs. According to Uchis, the two were connected after Juanes saw her music video for “Ridin’ Round,” which was shot in Pereira. In her Instagram caption, she geeked out over spending time in the studio with her childhood role model. “Grateful to have been working this year with some of the most influential people to my upbringing,” she wrote.

It was just last year that Kali dropped her debut EP Por Vida, but she’s been making hints on her social media platforms about an upcoming full-length release. So Juanes collaborating with Kali is on the table. But we might have to consult Walter Mercado before we come to any definitive conclusions.