Kali Uchis dropped Isolation a little more than a year ago. A few months later, she took to Twitter to let followers know she was taking a hiatus. Shortly after that, she and Jorja Smith would take the road for a North American tour that birthed the kind of images that shook the body and cleansed the heart.

Now, the 25-year-old Colombian-American is, presumably, ready to soundtrack your isolated bedroom days again. She, as well as Bad Bunny, sang at this year’s Pornhub Awards.

Following in the footsteps of Ozuna, Miguel and countless others who either know what’s good for them or want to spark conversation ahead of new work, Uchis cleaned her Instagram last month, and fans took notice. A young follower named Taylor said, “Does this mean new music is brewing because I f*cking hope so.” Kali retweeted the sentiment, which is a confirmation if you ask me.

In looking to the future, she takes us back to the beginning. Sporting a feathered mini-dress ensemble fit for a widow from the 1920s, the genre-bending artist sang “Loner” from her debut EP, Vida

In this throwback and her latest single “Time,” a chillwave, chill-inducing track with the late Mac Miller, Uchis silently whispers that what’s coming will be worth the wait.

Is all this a hint at the kind of work we can expect from the Tumblr sensation turned R&B goddess? The winter loners unite.