Free Download: Kanaku y El Tigre's "Bicicleta"

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We introduced you to Peruvian folk duo Kanaku y El Tigre earlier in the week, but it was, unfortunately, a listen-only of their wonderful debut album Caracoles. Now we have one of our favorites of that album, “Bicicleta,” for FREE below. It’s reminiscent of José González’s mellow pop and what made The Shins and Peter Bjorn & John great in their respective beginnings. It has a sweet soul to its sound, enhanced by the lovely whistles, simple guitar and piano arrangements, and, the granddaddy of all folk sounds, a fading harmonica. “Bicicleta” feels like a children’s sing along, but the “Vamos mamita a caminar muy bien” lyrics let the adults have fun with it, too. I feel compelled to say that…this is kind of a perfect song. It is what it is, doesn’t try for more, doesn’t end up with less, but succeeds immensely where it concludes.

Download Kanaku y El Tigre’s “Bicicleta,” a song that’s making Friday seem even more hopeful.