Karol G Teases New Single “Gatubela” – Here Are the First Reactions

Lead Photo: Photo by PHRAA.
Photo by PHRAA.
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It’s official: Karol G is finally back! After her summer hit “Provenza,” it appears that La Bichota is premiering “Gatubela,” the first taste of her red-headed era, dropping on Aug. 26.

The speculations of the highly-anticipated single coming out this Friday come from a tweet the “MAMIII” posted earlier this week. “I want it to be Friday already,” she wrote. Since then, she’s teased more details from the upcoming track. Through her Telegram group “#BICHOTA NEWS,” she hyped the release by leaving a voice note to her fans saying that there’s a perreo with her coming soon and that she wants it to be the weekend already.

She also revealed the single’s name and the feline-inspired artwork through an Instagram story post. She later unveiled that “Gatubela” will feature Maldy of the prominent Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Plan B through an Instagram story of her vibing to Maldy’s voice on the unreleased track.

We’ve already heard the magic that the duo’s other half, Chencho Corleone, recently did on Bad Bunny’s “Me Porto Bonito,” so we can already imagine the heat that Maldy will equally bring. 

Moreover, in a quick snippet through Spanish actress Ester Exposito’s Instagram, more of the unreleased track was revealed. Fans are wondering if she will be involved in an upcoming music video.

Whether or not she is, social media users are enthusiastic about the upcoming release. A Twitter user wrote: “Karol G hasn’t released Gatubela and I already have that song stuck in my head😩.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “This weekend the ceiling is coming down with a perreo by Karol G and Maldy. Save this tweet.”

And it’s no surprise since Karol G is known to drop bangers. In fact, YouTube Music recently announced that “Provenza” charted at No. 6 on their summer “Top Ten Songs – U.S.” The same song made their “Top 10 Songs – GLOBAL” chart on No. 6. 

So yes, Karol G, we want it to be Friday already, too!