Free Download: Kassiano's "KOPAMIX"

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The 2010 World Cup is pretty much over and nobody seems to care about it anymore, because all the teams you wanted to win are out by now. Anyway, people already planned World Cup final parties weeks in advance and they’re not going to cancel them, so in case you need some kick-ass music to lift up the spirits and keep your friends dancing until Brazil 2014, here you have KOPAMIX, a hyper-danceable free mixtape by Kassiano, New York’s ambassador of Rio de Janeiro’s baile funk.

He probably mixed it back when Brazil still had chances of making it to the World Cup finals so from the intro you can sense his pro-Brazilian optimism. But still, the 45 minutes are packed with enough variety of cool stuff that will keep mixed-nationalities crowds entertained. Like a remix of “Yolanda Be Cool” by the French Zizek Collective boy-wonder Douster, tracks by New York’s own Zuzuka Poderosa and even Lil’ Jon, who probably dind’t even know there was a World Cup being played of a sport called football, I mean soccer.

So even if you’re not a hardcore favela-style dancer, you can still enjoy this while you work out or while you watch Spain beat Netherlands.