Kid Cudi rages through the mob on "Mr. Rager"

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Within the last year, we’ve seen rapper/actor Kid Cudi (née Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi — yes, part of those names are Latin, he’s half Mexican) star in HBO’s How To Make It In America, (of which, ahem, I served my time as an extra before joining forces with Remezcla). Then, we recently heard Cudi co-produce the acid alt-rock album with 2 Be Continuum on WiZaRd. And as of today (Sept. 8), we see the Kid combating, ghetto street-style, the evil forces of ninja-fighting gangsters on the video for “Mr. Rager,” off his sophomore Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, video directed by Jérémie Rozan of Surface to Air.

Reining the rapping, acting, producing, and what have you realms, Kid Cudi is an unstoppable force! Just watch how he onslaughts through a fierce and pissed mob of villains in this “shmexy” new video:

[insert-video vimeo=28758414]

Side note: That facially-tattooed dude on 02:23, that’s the fellow extra colega I just eyeballed — yes, the tatts are real.