Meet Klemm: Purveyors of fine Argentine pop, Sandro style

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Ne(é): Mauro Detanti, Gonzalo Garay, Fernando Arias

Raíces: Ushuaia, Argentina

Sounds Like: Artists from la movida española, Sandro and Fito Paez jamming together in an indie pop band.

You should listen to Klemm because… the harmonizing and the soft melodies will make you want to dust off that prom dress (or tuxedo) and slow dance on the dance floor.

The people over at the Mamushka Dogs netlabel are a wild, unpredictable bunch. You have experimental electronic music coexisting happily alongside rock nacional style bands and even ballad crooners. That’s where Klemm come in. They’re three records deep into their career, making their signature sound a mixture of boleros, 80’s ballads and vintage pop, with a sound akin to Miguel Bosé and Mecano. In their new record, El futuro, un pasado que presente fue, you can also hear traces of Argentinian greats like Fito Paez and Charly García, who have definitely shaped, alongside other bands, that distinct Argentine rock sound that has been passed on through generations of fine musicianship.

Regardless of that mixture, Klemm isn’t a copy; they’ve molded their influences into a sound that not many have achieved: vintage sounding pop that’s as sincere, catchy and nostalgic, as much as it is contemporary. They’re also singing unpretentious love songs, and those are really the ones that make the world go round.

You can download El futuro, un pasado que presente fue for free over at Mamushka Dogs, or help them out and pay for the download on their Bandcamp: