Know Your Netlabel: 5 Essential Releases from Mexico City’s Cumbia/Hip Hop/Everything Operation, Discos Cuchillo

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We could say that Discos Cuchillo are an “ajonolí de todos los moles,” as in, they get along with everyone. But also they’re just like that knife-sharpener-man that wakes you up with his pan flute: you can hear him all over the city (at least, this is a thing in D.F.). And, if we think about it, this netlabel does something similar: it sharpens your ear, with a variety of music and artists that don’t stick to a single style, genre, or taste.

They’ve been around for a while, these Discos Cuchillo guys. Four years. It seems little, but these days everything is so momentary, so ephemeral, that four years means actually a lot. And during these four years (I’m sorry I’m repeating this a lot) they’ve managed to meet great artists–not only musicians–that fortunately have been shared with us. I mean, on the one hand, Discos Cuchillo is just like any other label: there’ll be some stuff that you’ll love, and there’ll be others that you won’t. But on the other hand, what makes them unique is the diversity of tunes you can listen to while visiting their website. You’ll find at least some folk, rock and roll, cumbia, hip-hop, electronic, and a little bit of experimental music within their catalog.

At their website, that knife-sharpener-man welcomes you with a loop. You can stare at him while listening to some of Discos Cuchillo artists such as Old Boy (the folky guy), Belafonte (a kind of urban rock and roll that reminds us of Rockdrigo), and Alien’s Dread (a breed of ska mixed with electronic music). You shouldn’t worry, though. There are more music bands and artists, and thus, more genres. One of them, for instance, is Bial Hclap who just released his Hierbass EP a couple of months ago.

I should also mention that Discos Cuchillo are also involved in other cultural activities in Mexico City that involve not only music, but also other artistic manifestations. They’ve also published a book, “No soy DJ,” written by José Pedro Casanova, in which you’ll find a flattering introduction written by Joselo of Café Tacvba.

Check out some of our top picks from the label’s releases. Check their Bandcamp, too, and keep an eye out for new releases that are on their way!

Pes Zol (Live) from TAKK MX on Vimeo.