Know Your Netlabel: 6 Essential Releases from Latino Resiste

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Latino Resiste shines a light on Latin American underground music scenes, many of which existed (or still exist) in underrepresented areas of the Internet: scattered videos on Youtube, abandoned SoundCloud profiles, and the like. Label head Alberto Caballero, aka Caballo, noticed this four years ago and decided to start making digital compilations after having participated in other labels such as Rebel Records and Kintopiso Records back in Colombia.

The result of Caballo’s initiative is a netlabel that’s consistently open to any kind of conscious, original musical project. Of course, they’re not interested on money or in getting all the attention from the big Media, and there appears to be some favored styles– which we see, for example, in the LatinAfrica compilation, which pulls together tracks from Latin America exploring musical roots in Africa. While starting out releasing compilations of bands (check out Latino Resiste Volumen 1), more recent releases have spanned a gamut of projects– cumbia, rumba, champeta, tribal, dub step, reggeaton, deathmetal, and many spaces in between.

Check out some highlights from Latino Resiste’s catalog here, all available for free download directly from their website.