Know Your Netlabel: 8 Essential Releases from Uva Robot, A Home to DIY Outsider Folk

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Chilean netlabel Uva Robot is about ordinary people making beautiful music.

Uva Robot defines itself as a label made for songs, not for records. In fact, they have their own manifesto that you can listen to here to get a better idea of what they’re all about. Actually, after figuring out what this whole project is about (that is, after checking out the manifesto and listening to some of its tracks), I realized that Uva Records is in fact an open window to all those songs that are being made in the dark; in other words, they’re sharing all of the great creations usually stay in drawers because they  artists don’t think they’re good enough to release. Even label head Diego Lorenzini puts himself in this vulnerable spotlight, releasing an EP as De Rapin Broters, featuring a very young Diego rapping on a 1992 cassette tape, remastered for the world to hear.

Across the label’s releases, a outsider-folk/DIY sound  prevails: Los Muebles, VariosArtistas, ¿Qué hay de malo con Satán?, Naranja y los Colchones, among others. If you’re looking for something more upbeat, Tus Amigos Nuevos and their rock can help you out (these guys are really great!), or perhaps you can try out El Mal Gusto, an outfit with post-punk sound and little bit of noisy-shoegazing going on. Best of all, they’re offering all of their releases for free, so don’t be shy to download their material. I mean, they’re only ordinary people.