Know Your Netlabel: Cocobass' 5 Essential Releases [MEX/VEN]

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“¿Fiesta en Cocobass? Sí, fiesta en Cocobass.”

These esoteric digital liner notes from Cocobass’ Bandcamp page set an honest tone for the netlabel’s mission: creating party music with little explanation for the who, what, where, and why it came from, so long as it’s ready for dance. The “Internet label, from South America to the universe,” headed up by Mexican producer Tony Gallardo (a.k.a. María & José) and Venezuelan collaborators Eduardo Luis and Daniel García, flaunts an ever-evolving, genre-irrelevant catalog, with an emphasis on digital experimental sounds coming out of Latin America primed for partytime.

Known for launching the careers in netlabel form for outfits like Siete Catorce and Lakra (is that you, Jairomendez?), the label most recently dropped its Fiesta EP to the tune of a thumping house track from Tony Gallardo II, ruidosón blessings from Santos, and a light champeta touch bestowed by Dany F with samples from the originally coastal (and increasingly urban) genre’s signature Casio SK-5.

Earlier this year, the label was so kind as to share the generous, free downloadable gift of 25 tracks (still available here!) in the form Collected Poems, which can serve as an exhaustive primer to the label, with exclusives from LOL Boys, Dembowsky, Waya Waya, El Hijo de la Diabla, and all of their favorite friends.

Check out some of our favorite Cocobass releases below and head to their Bandcamp for the rest of their catalog.

Los Macuanos – Ritmo de Amor | Remixes (download here)

María y José – Violentao EP (download here)