Know Your Netlabel: Mexico City-to-Montreal’s Infinite Machine

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Image: Cover art for Pixelord’s Polygon Fane.

Mexico goes international. Well, kind of. I mean, the Mexico-rooted label Infinite Machine gathers DJs from all over the world, and puts them all together in Montreal, Canada.

This is not label head Carlos Juárez’s first dive into the music business. Besides being a Mexico-based DJ, he’s also run a label that supported a less-fortunate musical scene in his country (and probably in the whole world?): screamo. However, a few ago Carlos was introduced to two things–Montreal, and bass music–and this changed everything for him. After moving to the Canadian city, within a few months he was already releasing EPs from bass musicians scattered around different parts of the globe.

He started with uploading music to a SoundCloud profile, but the project began to grow, and eventually that profile became the netlabel Infinite Machine. Despite a slow beginning, the label has grown sufficiently bring exposure to top-notch underground bass music (and subgenres) like Alexei Nikitin aka Nocow out of Russia, techno duo Wallwork & RZR from the UK (and their recently-released, critically-praised Mad Techno Invasion EP), and Nathan Micay aka Bwana and his Over & Done EP that remains ahead of the times, even two years later. Also out of Russia, Alexey Devyanin aka Pixelord has just released Polygon Fane, which plays with breakbeat to develop a new genre that the label has coined “meta-vaporwave.”

If you’re into UK bass music, techno, and/or any other genre that could emerge out of them, and you’re eager to explore relatively-unknown artists, Infinite Machine is precisely what you were looking for. Check out some of their best releases so far below.