Video: Kumbia Queers – "Daniela"

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Daniela,” the song, tells the story of a girl who has a secret crush on another girl and she starts stalking her but she never gets the courage to ask her out, in fact she doesn’t even know the other girl’s name, she just calls her Daniela, but she ultimately admits, it could be any other name. A very funny story in itself, right?

The video, however, takes the song’s simple-but-effective premise to a complete new level of funny, adding some strong doses of absurd, kitsch and downright grotesque. In this hilarious re-imagining of the girl’s love quest, she’s a pro tennis player from the ’80s (in a parallel universe where silent monochrome movies were still being made in the ’80s) who’s got separated from her best friend by a tennis manager, or something, when they were young and six years later they meet again at the all-girls championship finals.

With the addition of plenty of fluorescent clothing, a snot rocket, choripanes being handed out by the side of the court and even a zombie (!), Kumbia Queers‘ “Daniela” is their craziest video ever and probably the most original we’ve seen this year so far. Almodóvar at the peak of his career couldn’t have done it better.

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