La Banderville hits the gut with "Uhhh!!!"

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I think I just fell in love. There’s something oh so un-pretentious about Mexico’s La Banderville and their alt-rock folky sound, that is absolutely heartwarming. In an era if too-cool-for-school indie wavers bashing around sythns and avant costumes, these proud suburban, Ciudad Satélite bass and accordion misfits are doing it all their own. No pre-calculated sounds for this sincere bunch. Their new single from the forthcoming sophomore album, Mutante Adolescente, rings in like an old rock ‘n roll ballad, but don’t get it twisted. There’s no romance in this more alt-revved rumbler. On the search for that special something, Victor “Cachi” De Anda, the author of the song, says that it isn’t about politics or religion. The song is about trying another approach to life, simply existing, in the moment, like the expression Uhhh itself. Just an utterance, a reaction. The hard drums and video game effects on this track make for an uplifting number with not much to evoke except ansudden dance party. The winding keyboard-synths and whispered pop simplicity will fill all your doubts. La Banderville’s single, “Uhhh!!!” is going to groove you back to a middle school state of mind.

La Banderville – Uhhh!!! by SonideroTV