Video: La Habitación Roja – "La segunda oportunidad"

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Valencian rock quartet La Habitación Roja is back with a new video not three months after their previous release, “Ayer” (insert your own “it feels like just yesterday” joke here). “La segunda oportunidad” is off their latest Fue Electrico, and the video is directed by Sergi Minguell who combines gorgeous footage of the band on the road (seriously, who is this guy’s cinematographer?!).

Subtle? Hardly! But that’s what we’ve come to expect from Jose Marti, and his band: bittersweet but romantic, thought-provoking lyricism coupled with a rich wall of sound thanks to layers of spacey guitar work. You should probably dedicate this track to a loved one. It’ll bring a happy tear to his/her eye.

[insert-video youtube=Xj2u-2LQRJ0]