Listen: La Mala Rodríguez – "La Rata"

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It’s not easy to figure her out. Maybe that’s why we love our favorite Spaniard femcee so much. La Mala Rodríguez‘s latest album, Dirty Bailarina didn’t do very good and she had us all wondering what would she come up with for her next one.

There’s still not too much info out about her upcoming fifth studio album (fifth! In hip-hop-years that’s almost equivalent of The Rolling Stones career), but she just self-leaked this single onto her youtube account. “La Rata” shows us a Mala that’s back to her creative peak and back to that laid-back style of rapping that suits her so well –back to her Alevosía/Malamarismo phase. Her rhymes are on point, so is the beat. Still, she’s lightyears away from her screamo hardcore origins, but also distant from her uptempo dance tracks and pop infusions of her more recent stuff. Of course, it’s just one track and we can’t judge a whole album, much less the whole direction of the career of such an elusive and constantly mutating artist. But I like where this is going and I can’t wait to listen to the rest.

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