Video: La Mala Rodriguez's "Un Corazon"

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No, that’s not Cucu Diamantes you’re looking at, it’s Spanish MC La Mala Rodriguez going glam for her latest video for “Un Corazon,” from her recent Dirty Bailarina release. The song is a sultry number about not living in the past or leaving the past in the past or one of those phrases about not dwelling on what is already behind us. Either way, it’s a great track even without the ferocious rhymes we’ve come to expect from La Mala.

The video begins innocently (eerily?) enough with a music box ballerina, but soon we find that La Mala is in some sort of twisted beauty and the beast scenario with a slimy creature from another planet, possibly the same one from the end of the “No Pidas Perdon” video. But if this video is supposed to be some sort of continuation of the last, which features a bustier-wearing, KISS assassin, I fail to see the connection. I’m sticking with the beauty and the beast thing because I hope there’s some noble reason, like saving her father from a life of imprisonment or protecting humankind or something, for living in a creepy gothic house with a terrifying alien captor/lover.

Watch La Mala Rodriguez’s dark fairy tale unfold in “Un Corazon.”