Profile: Lalo Yunda – Latino Ink Master

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Speaking to New York-based tattoo artist and musician, Lalo Yunda, we confirm that music and tattoos go hand in hand –they’re part of the same subculture than they ever were, especially in Latin America. Born and bred in Colombia, Lalo grew up wanting to be a musician, and tattooed just for kicks. He says that people in his hometown normally saw people with tattoos as “prostitutes, thieves, and thugs.” Obviously, those misconceptions have changed, tattoos are dope as hell, and Lalo is currently among the best tattoo artists of his generation.

Lalo Yunda has been selected to compete in Spike TV’s Ink Master, Season 2 for the national ‘Ink Master’ crown with Dave Navarro as the judge, premiering Tuesday, Oct. 9th. If you don’t know, get familiar with Lalo Yunda as he talks about his personal experience being on the show, and how music drove him to the world of ink and tattoos.

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Also, stay tuned for the music video premiere of Colombia via Brooklyn’s glampeta band, Plastic Caramelo — Lalo’s music project — this Friday, Oct. 12th here at Remezcla Música.

Shot and produced by Remezcla’s Angie Mendoza at Sacred Tattoo.