LAMC 2013 Day 2: Winners and Losers

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Photo by: Javier Romero

Day 2 of LAMC 2013 came and went and some of us experienced musical raptures. Here is our staff round up of the day’s winners and losers:


Joel Moya
Sales & Partnerships


1. Astro was finally able to pop their New York cherry with their Gramercy Theater debut!
2. Ruben Blades‘ mention of the magic words “rock album” when discussing his future plans at his LAMC panel. Hint Hint…
3. Free wireless Internet at the conference. I was close to maxing out my data plan allotment.


1. The livery cab driver that thought I was tourist and tried to charge $30 for a ride from Midtown to Central Park. Buen Ladron!
2. People that bring blankets to Central Park’s Summerstage and make it impossible to walk from point A to point B without stepping on someone. Rude.
3. No Energy Drink sponsor to keep us wiiiiiiiiired all day long.

City Editor


1. ALL MIMA EVERYTHING. Her intimate set at Joe’s Pub had the audience clamoring for three encores (which doesn’t usually happen at Joe’s tightly scheduled sets…) and I emerged from the show feeling like I’d been healed by some kind of spirit animal.
2. The doorman at Joe’s Pub for letting me in to the show for free after I arrived late with no ticket, no name on a list, and nothing but a cringe-y smile.
3. The fact that both Lido Pimienta and MIMA performed love songs in their respective sets that they prefaced with something like “I wrote this for un pana traidor so FUCK THAT GUY but the song is cute anyway so enjoy!”


1. The projection/lighting situation at Glasslands. While the Hueso Records showcase had some of the most interesting/underground artists on the line up in (in my humble opinion), their stage set up left something to be desired and kind of detracted from the viewing experience.
2. People who don’t wear deodorant during NYC heat waves and then wave their arms around emphatically while dancing. If side-eye could kill, a guy in the audience at Glasslands would have been in trouble.

Freelance Writer


1. Calma Carmona being the sexiest thing to ever walk into an LAMC press room. Wow.
2. Natalia Lafourcade impromptu guest appearance at La Vida Boheme’s show. Even though she read the lyrics from a napkin.
3. Catupecu Machu proving that playing acoustic doesn’t necessarily mean doing a weak, mellow set.


1. Not having Remezcla’s botas picudas from 2012 at the conference. They were an awesome ice-breaker.
2. Missing Natalia Clavier‘s show at Summerstage.
3. Myself with lack of sleep, brain don’t work.

More to come this week. STAY TUNED.