LAMC 2013 Days 3 & 4: Winners and Losers

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Photo Credit: Nina Robinson

Days 3 and 4 of LAMC 2013 were an exercise in hangover management and rain messing up our flow, but we still managed to see the conference out with a bang. Here is our staff round up of the winners and losers of the last two days of LAMC 2013:


Joel Moya
Sales & Partnerships


1. Shure Microphones, Epiphone and Latin Grammys for allowing me to called their booth home.
2. Master Blaster Soundsystem for getting the party started right at the end of the conference.
3. After-parties all over town with talent attending the conference. Feels like Christmas time 🙂


1. Not incorporating representatives of the Moombahton, Ñu-cumbia, and ruidoson scenes into the conference. Did I miss something?
2. Myself for not getting enough sleep to be fully functional the whole entire day AND party until 4am.
3. The weather for not being kind to us 🙁

City Editor


1. The version of ‘El Meneaito’ that Los Rakas performed at the Cumba Mela vs Subsuelo party – because I basically only ever want to hear old 90s dance hits.
2. The people who stuck around late at aforementioned party and got treated to a bevy of other great surprise performances (like this flamenco freestyle!)
3. Lido Pimienta, yet again, for making the heads of at least five men swivel in shock when she got on stage and began crooning “lo tienes muy chiquito – tu palito y tu cerebrito.”

4. La MiniTK del Miedo’s wild weirdo set at Cameo, which they killed despite not having had the chance to soundcheck. Definitely some of the most original stuff I saw all week.
5. The collective ecstasy that happened at Rico Suave’s POP!when Xuxa’s “Ilarie” got played. Related: when is The Met going to step up to the plate and put on a Xuxa Fashions retrospective, because that needs to happen ASAP. The woman got on TV every day dressed like David Bowie in The Labyrinth, she’s a hero.
6. DJ Dus for playing a cumbia version of Kanye’s “New Slaves” that brought the house down at Que Bajo?! All Stars.


1. NYPD for briefly shutting down Saturday’s SummerStage show over three raindrops. (The silver lining being the opportunity to make “Esto es una tormentaaaaaa” Alex Anwandter jokes…)
2. The non-existent air conditioning at Le Poisson Rouge on Saturday night – only the strong survived.

Freelance Writer


1.Zuzuka Poderosa and Lido Pimienta as surprise guest duet at Subsuelo vs Cumba Mela after party at Drom.


1. The rain at Prospect Park during Nortec/Mis shows.