LAMC 2011 Lineup

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Like every summer, New York City will once again become, for a few days, the Latin Alternative Music mecca. Musicians, agents, record labels execs, journalist, and fans will come together at LAMC, between July 6th and 9th, with the hopes of making new contacts, meeting interesting people, figuring out the market, getting exposure, and most importantly, catching a lot of live concerts.

Truth be told, very few people really care about all the other boring stuff, the business side of the music. That’s just an excuse to get the work days off. But we’re all down for some partying, and LAMC always has some great shows and parties going on.

Of course you’ll get to see pretty much all the Nacional Records’ current roster (Jarabe de Palo, La Vida Boheme, Hello Seahorse!, Cuarto Poder, Choc Quib Town, Poncho, Diego García) since they are the ones who organize the conference. But there’re also a lot of other interesting independent and up-and-coming foreign bands that you don’t wanna miss because they don’t usually get to come and tour the US (No Te Va A Gustar, Napoleón Solo, Francisca Valenzuela, Jazzimodo, Mr. Pauer) and some established big names too (Los Lobos, Ely Guerra). And those are only some of the names listed, plus then you have all the unofficial LAMC after-parties and alternative satellite events…

Are you ready for your annual pilgrimage to Mecca? If not, start saving, and requesting your days off.


Wed 7/6 – Central Park Summerstage: Jarabe de Palo, Ely Guerra, Novalima, Mr. Pauer.

Wed 7/6 – The Mercury Lounge: Pablo Malaurie, Poncho, Jazzimodo, La Vida Boheme, Superlitio, Elastic Bond.

Thu 7/7 – S.O.B.’s: Rita Indiana, No Te Va A Gustar, Cuarto Poder, La Vida Boheme, Diego Garcia, Ely Guerra, Hello Seahorse!, Napoleon Solo, Superlitio, One Chot (all acoustic shows).

Thu 7/7 – Bowery Ballroom: Diego García, No Te Va A gustar, Cuarto Poder, Napoleon Solo, Francisca Valenzuela.

Fri 7/8 – Prospect Park (Brooklyn): Los Lobos, Hello Seahorse!, Zigmat, DJ Raul Campos.

Sat 7/9 – Central Park Summerstage: Choc Quib Town, Rita Indiana, Ursula 1000, Uproot Andy & Geko Jones.