LAMC Survival Guide

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The Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) will be celebrating its 10th annual conference this week with artists such as Federico Aubele, Curumin, Juana Molina, Aterciopelados and Bomba Estereo, among many others from all over Latin America, Spain and the US. Besides industry panels and conferences at the Roosevelt Hotel in midtown, there are enough showcases, parties and afterparties (most of them free!) to make a workaholic even out of those who have been unemployed for a while. With that in mind, It may be tough to get your bearings and decide just where to go. Never fear, Remezcla is here with this handy Survival Guide of all the concerts and parties going on in town. Check out the Remezcla listings for full info. Rock out, dance the night away, but above all, have fun!
7pm; FREE
Kick off the LAMC with Los Amigos’ blend of disco, acid jazz and funk mixed with Latin rhythms in the intimate setting of the Apple Store in SoHo. Of Course, they will be playing on Friday at Prospect Park so don’t sweat if you get stuck outside.

Heavy Metal is coming with different accent marks this time, of the Spanish variety. Catch acts such as M-16, Cojoba, Maladicto and Raza Odiada as they make you temporarily deaf and rock out.
Cojoba – Puerto Rico
Raza Odiada
BMI Verano Alternativo presents: Women of Latin Music @ SOB’s
8pm, Invite only and FREE admission with LAMC badge.
It’s the musical version of an OAS meeting with performers from far and wide. It’s time for the senoritas to show us how to get down…yeah right. BMI’s yearly crop of new talent. See what’s next.
Bea Ba – Argentina
Alih Jey – Miami
Eljuri – NYC/Ecuador
Cristal Marie – Dominican Republic
Girlz Talk – New York City
AfroBeta – Miami (why are they being billed as “Puerto Rico/Cuba”?)


Taxi Amarillo have been able to bridge energetic music with lyrics that touch everything from social issues to more pressing intimate concerns. See, not every song about social issues has to be somber!

Oh Juana, gran dama del pop electronico, we bow before you!  Plus, Sao Paolo’s Curumin brings dub, reggae, funk. El G, aka Grant C. Dull, is the founder of What’s Up Buenos Aires and Zizek  parties, ZZK Records. Responsible for much of the cumbia craze across the world.

Indie Showcase @ The Mercury Lounge
7pm, $12 limited tickets, FREE with LAMC badge.
Have you ever wondered where the next big thing is? Well, come on down to the indie showcase and see new and not so new acts and maybe just maybe, see the next big thing. We’re not sure if this is still a battle of the bands?
Los Hollywood – San Diego
Domino Saints – Puerto Rico
Ceci Bastida – Los Angeles/Tijuana
Monareta – Bogota
RH+ – Santiago, Chile
Maluca – New York City
Banda de Turistas – Buenos Aires

Chaca Chaca @ The Annex

This is the debut of Chaca Chaca in New York. This party-musical collective is making stops all over the country bringing an eclectic lineup of indie bands and artists who are striving to create a new scene for a new generation.
Soundscapes provided by DJ profe
Special Guest: DJ Pauer
Maleco Collective – Los Angeles
Los Hollywood – San Diego
Palenke Soultribe – Los Angeles
Minimal – Miami

It’s two full nights of cumbia, salsa, electronica and so much more. The Peligrosa All Stars DJs from Austin (Orion, Manolo Black, Hobo D, Pagame and DJ Dus) lead the mayhem for two nights in a row. Wven the biggest prude can get down on.

Bomba Estereo @ Bembe

10pm, FREE!
One of our favorite performers from this year’s South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin (SXSW), Bomba Estereo are the new crowning jewel of Nacional Records.  Li and Simon will be keeping busy with DJ sets in between shows. FUEGO!!!

King Coya sounds as if cumbia were mixed with the terminator or any other futurisitc sci-fi movie. For those unable to see him at the final show on the 11th, he’ll be at Santos Party House tonight along with El G and more at this after party for Juana Molina + Curumin show.
King Coya featuring La Yegros
El G
Uproot Andy

Cienfue, Local 34, Marujha, Neuronautas @ D’Antigua

For the LAMC conference, D’Antigua is hosting a bunch of artists who didn’t get an “official slot”. Pero no importa, because they’ll get to shine here for the real fans.
Marujah– Tennessee
Neuronautas– NYC
Cienfue– Panama
Local 34– Miami
Hosted by Yely
Oh, mother of mercy, look who’s performing at the Bowery, some of the most talented names south of the Rio Grande are all under one roof for one night. Leon Polar used to be half of Sin Bandera, Natalia was a pop queen until she gave it all up for her musical instincts, Nina Dioz is a young rapper from Monterrey who made her US debut at Remezcla’s own showcase at SXSW earlier this year…etc etc etc etc.
Leon Polar
Natalia Lafourcade
Bomba Estereo
Nina Dioz
Federico Aubele
Our nerdy homeboys DJ SON and Post-Paint Boy hand-picked some Indie music of the Latin variety for their latest indie pop fest. as Banda de Turistas gets a hold of the spotlight. Let the boys from Argentina show you how to rock out in this cool cafe concert next to the Remezcla Headquarterz..Performing:
Banda de Turistas – Argentina
Ledo y La Vaina – Dominican Republic
DJ Johnny Travolta – Puerto Rico
Los Delinquentes – Spain
Famasloop @ SOB’s
9pm doors, 10pm show, $10, FREE with LAMC badge
Get a load of these guys who are quite the shit in Venezuela, produced by Tweety Gonzalez (Soda Stereo, Ximena Sarinana) and making their debut in the USA. Los Cream Paraiso is the side project of DJ Afro (Los Amigos Invisibles’ hardest working member) and Los Dinamite are NOT the rock group Los Dynamite.
Famasloop– Venezuela
Los Crema Paraiso – NYC
Los Dinamite– Mexico
Chicos, this LAMC afterparty is not to be missed. Come shake your rump to the deep sounds of cumbia spun by some truly exceptional DJ’s from all over: NYC, Austin, Buenos Aires…hosted by Geko, Uproot Andy and Jean. By the way, it’s free!
Time for some music of the classic South American variety with performances by Aterciopelados and Los Amigos Invisibles. Aterciopelados can make you rock out, dance, or simply stare in awe, while Los Amigos Invisibles can make you forget your troubles and dance the night away. Disco anal style! (Yes, that’s actually the title of one of their songs.)

Come enjoy some Latino rock/folk with musico Cienfue from Panama at this Peruvian lounge in Park Slope. Que mezcla no? An alter-Latino idol in Panama, Cienfue rarely plays in the US so check him out!!
If you missed out on Maluca at the LAMC conference, don’t sweat it. She’ll be performing at one of our favorite Willyburg spots, bring a fan and loose clothing because they AC tends not to work…and this Dominicana and her hipster friends will make you shake it.
Can’t catch Bomba Estereo at the last LAMC event? Don’t worry, they’ll be playing at D’Antigua along with Monte Rosa, Marujah and Una Via
Bomba Estereo– Colombia
Monterosa– Miami
Una Via– NYC
Marujah– Tennessee
It’s unofficial but it aint, but it is but then again… If parties that can’t make up their mind appeal to you and you want to party with some cool people and good music, then this is it, right after Atercios and Los Amigos at cooler than-thou Don Hill’s (sigh Misshapes). By the way, there will be surprise guests along the way.
Finish off the LAMC with three artists who “don’t give a shit” what you think and do their thing. Calle 13 bring alternative urban, Bebe is back after a long absence with good attitude and talent, and Eric Bobo from Cypress Hill opens.
Can’t see Los Hollywood at the LAMC showcase or Chaca Chaca? Don’t worry you’ll get a third chance to see them at D’Antigua with Minimal.
Minimal– Miami
Los Hollywood– San Diego
Super Sam– Miami
Kofre– New Jersey

Palenke Soultribe have used their Colombian rootsas well as electronica to make their sound of dance music. Sounds like as if some town deep in the jungle had its own club.
Bomba Estereo, Afrobeta and Minimal @ SOB’s
12midnight-4am , FREE with 7pm dinner reservation (food aint cheap)
This is the party to end a party, or rather a music festival. Come to SOB’s to witness acts such as Afrobeta and Bomba Estereo cap off the LAMC conference. ouch!LAMC Closing Party @ LQ
We’re not supposed to list this one, its only for LAMC badges, and there will be free booze.