LAMC 2013 Day 1: Winners and Losers

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photo credit: @erikamorillo

Day 1 of LAMC 2013 is behind us – a sticky, sweaty, humid string of summer music fun. Here is our staff round up of the day’s winners and losers:


Joel Moya
Sales & Partnerships


1. The members of La Vida Boheme for starting a moshpit during Vinilo Versus’ performance at the Indie Showcase.
2. The guy with crutches right in the middle of the action at aforementioned Indie Showcase moshpit.
3. Hosting members of different bands at my place. Talk about being starstruck in your own home.


1. Having M as my last name initial. The line to retrieve the badges was really long, guys. Did I mention that I became Andrea Gompf (Remezcla City Editor) and crossed over to the A – J line that was significantly shorter?
2. The borderline roid-rage aggressive bouncers at Mercury Lounge for being party poopers at the Indie Showcase – so many shoving matches…
3. Dealing with NY’s hot ass temperatures and humidity.

City Editor


1. The fact that the unofficial LAMC warm up party at Bossa Nova Civic club on Tuesday night also happened to be Ladies Night 2 for 1 drink special night…
2. Fat Joe‘s repeated shout outs to his lawyer during his set. He really loves his lawyer and I respect that.
3. The DaPuntoBeat dance moves. No words can do it justice, you just gotta watch.


1. The aftermath of Ladies Night 2 for 1 drink special night – aka losing (then refinding) my phone, leaving my credit card at the bar, falling asleep on my couch fully clothed…Ladies Night is a menace to society y’all.
3. Myself, for just missing La MiniTK del Miedo‘s set at Public Assembly  – gonna make sure to catch them at Nublu tonight!

Freelance Writer


1. Fat Joe thanking “whoever allowed me to perform in NY” right before he got sent to jail for tax evasion.
2. Raff and Bitman doing a 4 turntable set in the Bronx with lots of scratching, taking them both back to their hip hop roots.
3. The moshpit during Vinilo Versus‘ set at the Indie showcase, which included La Vida Boheme and Cuarto Poder members.


1. No 2013 CD compilation 🙁
2. Nacional getting rid of overstock from previous years in the goodie bags at the expense of my backpack getting super heavy.
3. The rain that made us run away from Joel Ortiz show at Bronx stage.

More to come this week. STAY TUNED.