Free Download: Lana del MONTE Rey "Blue Jeans" ( Toy Selectah Refix )

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Über producer and remixer, Tony Hernandez who remixes under his very popular moniker, Toy Selectah has etched himself into the Latino music scene as a producer who transforms contemporary urban and pop songs, by blending them with traditional Mexican and dance soundscapes. Toy Selectah’s latest remix reenergizes and “fixes” the new American indie pop phenomenon, Lana Del Rey’s hit, “Blue Jeans” with fast paced Mexican guarachero rhythms.

Del Rey’s slow and sensual track is morphed into a dance hit that would force anyone onto the dance floor! With mariachi and cumbia undertones mixed with playful techno beats, Toy Seletah has turned yet another high profile American pop hit into a Latin dance music masterpiece. Stream, or download this track via Mad Decent below, if you love high energy remixes. This track will definitely get you moving!

Lana del MONTE Rey Blu Jeans ( Toy Selectah Refix ) by toyselectah