Las Cafeteras Announce New Album with "La Bamba" Cover

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It’s safe to assume that “La Bamba” is a rite of passage for any Chicano band. That being said, it’s only natural that Las Cafeteras, being who they are, announce the release of their upcoming album with their version of “La Bamba” as the first single.

East L.A.’s Son Jarocho outfit doesn’t follow the path trod by Los Lobos or Richie Valens. Instead, their version takes the song back to its Veracruz son jarocho roots thanks to a number of traditional instruments, such as tons of jaranas. The lyrics, however, have been updated to reflect modern, political realities: “Ya no llores llorona, mi gente lucha contra leyes racista, contra leyes racista de Arizona,” “Yo si vengo del valle, yo si vengo del valle de San Gabriel, porque ahi nos creamos,” “Somos los Zapatistas, yo luchare, yo luchare” etc.

There are lots of versions of “La Bamba” floating around out there but this one definitely deserves a listen or two. Their new album will be out this spring.

La Bamba (from our new album out Spring 2012) by Las Cafeteras