Video: Las Robertas – "Despair" (Amplificado en Costa Rica)

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Take a trip back to the ’90s with Las Robertas in this Amplificado TV clip, the folks who also recently recorded Juan Cirerol, Martin Buscaglia, Sol Okarina among other Latin indie bands. The Costa Rican darlings are showcased an intimate setting that almost makes me feel like I’m hanging out next to them drinking some beers during their band practice. There’s an element of raw and real missing from a lot of bands these days. And yeah, perhaps they look miserable, but hey, it’s called DESPAIR. They HAVE to. I can’t help but picture them standing there looking down at the ground as they play while feminists frolic around in the background smashing ukeleles, and maybe having a Hello Kitty pillow fight in slow motion.

[insert-video youtube=qIDegYoKLvw]