Latin Albums To Look Out For In 2013 (part 2)

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A few weeks ago, we gave ya a top 10 list of Latin Albums To Look Out For In 2013. Because 2013 is looking bright and promising for Latin music, this time around we’re providing you a sequel to this list adding 13 more albums to the list. Everything from cumbia crunk to Spanish electro-pop.

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It took him a while, but Marcelo Tijerina, a.k.a. Mexican Dubwiser finally got his ambitious double-album debut out in Mexico and now he’s getting ready to debut it in the US. Revolution Radio includes top-notch guest appearances and collaborations by the likes of Rubén Albarrán (Café Tacvba), Pato Machete (Control Machete), Ulises Lozano (Kinky) and Blanquito Man (King Changó), amongst many others. In a time when most digital albums have merely ten tracks, Mexican Dubwiser debut stands out with fifteen original tracks plus a whole second disc with thirteen remixes. It’s like being in the ’90s all over again! I say the more the merrier. Revolution Radio will be released in the US on April 20th for Record Store Day. -JD

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Following his 2010 debut The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau and sprouting many worthy singles afterwards, Peruvian Londoner Francois Peglau has been dubbed an artist to watch. Unlike with the said album, this upcoming will be sort of a collection of singles, but with never before-heard tracks included, and most of the songs will also be sung in Spanish. We do wonder, though, if this following will carry the same thematic of the charming pessimistic troubadour. We’ll wait to see.

The title wasn’t revealed to us yet, but we can expect it to come out sometime in April/May. For now, check out his first 2013 track released, the bilingual surf rock steady “Costa Rica.” -IR

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What happens if you get the two biggest names in Chilean turntablism in a studio? DJ Raff and Latin Bitman have been crossing paths and sharing the spotlight in Chile for a while, collaborating with many of the same artists, playing at the same festivals, etc. Outside of Chile, they are the two best-known Chilean hip-hop artists, besides Ana Tijoux, thanks to their respective works being released internationally by Nacional Records.

Well, now the competition for the Top DJ crown is being taken to a whole new level: RVSB (abbreviation for Raff vs. Bitman) promises to be the ultimate DJ battle ever imagined, with two of the most adventurous sonic innovators in South America showing off their skills in production and scratch. Of course there’s not going to be a clear winner since well, they’re not really competing, and they are actually friends. The 10-album track is set to drop on March 19th though Nacional Records. -JD

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Known to start up those cool rowdy parties your parents fear for you to attend, even as an adult, Austin-based Master Blaster Sound System also know how to amalgamate live performances with DJ culture with some revving cumbia crunk. The brainchild of Brian Ramos, Cecy Trevino, and DJ DUS (aka El Dusty), the seven-piece band gear up to release a full-length album on May 2013. As a promotional token, “Borrale” is the first taste we get off this upcoming, which was also included in their 2010 EP. We definitely wait to hear what else Austin’s electronic cumbia sounds are brewing down there.  -IR

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