Free Download: Latin Bitman + Anita Tijoux Remixes

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Back in 2006 Anita Tijoux crossed over from the Chilean hip-hop underground to the mainstream Latin pop thanks to her featured appearance on Julieta Venegas’ hit “Eres para Mí.” Shortly after, that song was remixed by Toy Selectah and his Sonidero Nacional crew into an irresistible new-school cumbia that had us all dancing. I remember back then I asked Anita if she was planning on ever doing more cumbia-rap fusions like that one. She said no. I was disappointed. I loved playing that song on my DJ sets and I wanted more!

Four years later my prayers got answered. This time by fellow chileno and Nacional Records artist Latin Bitman (formerly of Bitman & Roban), a frequent collaborator of Miss Tijoux (appearing on his latest album, Colours.) “Insomnio” is  the name of Anita’s song on that album and now it got transformed into the catchy “Insomnio de la Cumbia” by Latin Bitman himself, who recently released a collection of self remixes, b-sides, and mashups for FREE download through his Web site. Besides Anita’s cumbia, there’s some Los Tetas, De Kiruza, Juan Sativo, and other Chilean artists, plus his take on Major Lazer’s hit “Hold The Line” (probably the most remixed song of the last couple of years). Eighteen tracks total. Get one or get them all, for the same price: FREE!

Download DJ Latin Bitman’s remixes, including his cumbia-fide Anita Tijoux track, HERE.

**Also, pretty unrelated, but this is adorable. Watch Anita Tijoux’s YouTube message to her fans in Argentina, anticipating her debut there.