Latin Bands at SXSW 2010 – Part II

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Madrid, España

The name of Telephunken’s fourth studio album, Que Viva el Ritmo!!!, should give you an idea of what to expect from this combination of live band and DJ. The fact that they repeatedly draw comparisons to Fatboy Slim is no coincidence, since Telephunken is more than adept at bringing together a variety of Latin rhythms and combining them with hip-hop beats, heavy electronica and a bit of sampling surprises here and there.  Word is they have worked especially hard at making their live performances dynamic and unconventional, so we’re expecting something good!

Los Odio
Mexico City, Mexico

With bands like Monsters of Folk and the rambunctious Them Crooked Vultures crowding the American music scene as self-proclaimed “supergroups,” Mexico seems to be laying claim to a slice of this musical territory with Los Odio. Comprised of Paco Huidobro (Fobia), Jay de la Cueva (Titán, Fobia), Tito Fuentes (Molotov) and Quique Ranguel (Café Tacvba), Los Odio delivers neatly executed rock songs in which you can easily pick out the different bands these musicians hail from. While it would be great to be a little more excited about the final product released in November of last year, it should be interesting to witness a live performance from all of these accomplished musicians sharing the stage.

Davila 666
Puerto Rico

Don’t expect no tropical, electronic, or cumbia beats from Davila 666 – this young band from Puerto Rico will be delivering straight-up garage rock, and that is definitely a good thing. Remezcla has not been shy about expressing love for this band in the past – they’ve been hitting up NYC and LA consistently over the past couple of years, and we have been fans of their no-frills approach to music ever since they began. In true Davila 666 fashion, they will not be part of the official SXSW roster, but they will be playing plenty of unofficial parties that will allow them to show wider audiences just how badass they are.

Maldita Vecindad y Los Hijos del Quinto Patio
Mexico City, Mexico

Maldita Vecindad are turning 25 this year, and their trajectory is anything but uneventful. Through their fast paced, ska rock and politicized lyrics, the band has garnered a devout fanbase throughout Latin America that can quickly attest to the groundbreaking effect the band had on the Latin American music scene in the 1980’s. Although they have kept quiet for nearly 10 years, Maldita Vecindad will release Circular Colectivo this month, and make their way up to Austin in an attempt to reinstate their status as one of the most influential bands of the Latin American rock scene.

Peligrosa All-Stars
Austin, Texas (via Puerto Rico, Colombia, Panama and Mexico)

Manolo Black, Orion Garcia,and Hobo D – the righteously self-proclaimed All Stars – continue to move their tropical dance party to higher levels of eminence (check them in action at our En Tu Ciudad tour kick-off in Austin last year). This past year the members of Peligrosa have been able to solidify their reputation as turntable masters touring the country and upping the ante on merengue, salsa and cumbia electronic mixes.  Founding member Orion  released his hot Carajo Colombia compilation a few weeks ago; be sure to download it to prep your dance moves. Even though Peligrosa’s monthly party in Austin is on temporary hiatus, they will be making a lot of noise during SXSW doing what they do best: throwing memorable dance parties, after-parties and after-after-parties.

Palenke Soultribe
Los Angeles, California

This is not (only) a shameless plug for our Verde Wednesday BMI/Remezcla SXSW Showcase – this energetic trio from Colombia will impress audiences unfamiliar with their Afro-Colombian beat-imbued sound. Since 2005, this L.A based band has toured extensively, collaborated with musical heavyweights, and praised by the most demanding critics. Prepare to be roused to your feet!