Playlist: From Austin with Love

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Take a trip down to Austin, TX with this SXSW themed exclusive playlist. It doesn’t matter if you’re having the time of your life at the festival, or if you’re laying in bed dying of jealousy at everyone there. This twenty-six track playlist will take you through all the electro rock, cabaret jazz and indie rock that is happening in Austin.

Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno will have her SXSW debut this year as she promotes her third album, Postales. Her track “Nostalgia” proves that her soulful voice meshes perfectly with a ragtime piano as she creates an Roaring Twenties vibe. We also get to listen to more of Bajofondo’s Presente album with “Lluvia”. The track is an emotional uptempo song with electro components that give it an immense sound. The playlist also includes “Las Criaturas”, a track from Spanish band Pajaro. Festival goers can experience the melodic indie tune live this Thursday and Friday at Sounds From Spain, a Spanish talent showcase.

“From Austin with Love” has more picks from SXSW artists like Supersubmarina, Dixie, Cuchillo, Gepe, Bareto, Track Dogs, Mexican with Guns, Las Cafeteras and many more. Check out the full playlist below!