8 Latin Punk Artists Get Together To "Free Cuba Now"!

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We’ve had the pleasure to work with founder of Punk Outlaw RecordsRobert Rose. He’s talked with us about some of his interesting journeys in Latin America (he guest blogged one of those experience and findings HERE), and was also kind enough to curate a great punk-driven compilation of emerging and underground Latin and Caribbean punk artists in El Mix Vol. 6: Dead Or Alive.

While traveling in Cuba, Rose witnessed a great lack of freedom of speech while talking to some cuban punk kids. Of course, this is not ‘new’ news by any means, but shit gets fucked up when Rose approaches a group of punks in Havana, and interviews them on camera regarding the music scene there and the modes of communication (watch the video here). As it turns out, all the guys in the video get arrested only for talking to Rose, which is bullshit. As messed up as this was, Rose then decided to bring together a bunch of punk artists from different parts of Latin America and the Caribbean to compile a record and bring awareness regarding this extreme lack of expression and oppression that exists in Cuba today. Plus (off the press release):

Punk Outlaw Records has pledged 25% of the record label’s share of net profits to charitable organizations whose missions are to help Cubans, including, Cuba Skate (www.CubaSkate.com), a U.S. based charity providing skateboarding equipment, clothing and better opportunities for Cuban youth.

Participating artists for the project hail from a variety of countries including: Los Suziox (Colombia), Rudos Wild (Uruguay), Anti-Everything (Trinidad), DMTR (Ecuador), El Terrible Y Los Mongoloides (Peru), Lokekeda (Colombia), Warning (Guatemala) and Fertil Miseria (Colombia).

Punktology Vol. 1, Free Cuba Now features 16 independent and hardcore punk tracks all shouting for the same mission, to Free Cuba Now! To get yer album, go to iTunes HERE.

11 Armas Silenciosas – Los Suziox by PunkOutlawRecords

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1. Anti Everything – “Ratchet Design”
2. Los Suziox – “Perfección (Perfection)”
3. Rudos Wild – “No Toleramos (We don’t Tolerate)”
4. DMTR – “Sin Balas, Sin Fronteras (Without Bullets, Without Borders)”
5. Warning – “I’m Not The Man I Used To Be”
6. Lokekeda – “Espinas Asesinas (Killer Thorns)”
7. Fertil Miseria – “Explotación Capitalista (Capitalistic Exploitation)”
8. El Terrible Y Los Mongoloides – “Destruir (Destroy)”
9. Anti Everything – “New Generation”
10. DMTR – “Mentira (Lies)”
11. Los Suziox – “Armas Silenciosas (Silent Weapons)”
12. Fertil Miseria – “Fronteras Asesinas (Killer Borders)”
13. Lokekeda – “Melancolia (Melancholy)”
14. Warning – “So Sorry”
15. Rudos Wild – “Esperando Tu Caída (Waiting For Your Fall)”
16. El Terrible Y Los Mongoloides – “Yo Solo Kiero (I Just Want)”