NYC: Latino Punk Fest 2015 Lineup Announced

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On August 7, 8 and 9, New York will once again host the Latino Punk Fest, receiving bands from all over the world to play fast and furious music. As it has been since day one, the fest is a DIY/non profit affair, and while those qualifiers get thrown around carelessly nowadays, in this case it’s the real deal. There are no promoters, sponsors or investors involved, and bands playing from other states and countries cover their own transportation costs and other expenses. In other words, those playing really make the effort to be involved in the event.

Some of the bands visiting from abroad include Lupus and Polikarpas y Sus Viciosas from Colombia, Muerte and Calafia Puta from Mexico, and Mocoso from Canada; as well as acts from L.A, Texas, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and more. NY bands like Rebuschaos, Lakras, Survival, and Demencia Alkoholika will play at each event. Other activities include a post punk/goth aftershow, panels, speakers, tattoo and merch booths, and art exhibits.

Check the schedule below and keep an eye on the event since there are still a few bands to be confirmed. Pre-sale tickets for Day 1 are available here and Day 2 here.

Friday, Aug 7th @ Acheron 8pm / $ 15
Demencia Alkoholika (NJ)
Ya Te Veo (MA)
Eske (CHI)
La Equi (LA)
Lupus (COL)

Friday, Aug 7th @ Don Pedro’s 11:30 pm / $ 10
R Tronika (NY)
Ratas en Zelo (NY)
Skarroneros (NY)
DJ : Jjca

Saturday, Aug 8th @ Don Pedro’s 3:30 pm / $ 12
Lakras (NJ)
A Truth (NY)
Detestados (TX)
The Brass (NYC)
Murrieta (MPLS)

Saturday Aug 8th @ Acheron 8pm / $ 15
The Coltranes (LA)
All Systems Fail (SLC)
Verminoze (MPLS)
Alimanas (TEX)
Mocoso (CAN)
Muerte (MEX)
Goth/Post-punk/New Wave After party

$12 @ Rudy’s Barbershop in Williamsburg
Pornography (NY)
Annex (TX)
Survival (NY)
DJ: Eddie Skitzo

Sunday, Aug 9th @ Rudy’s Barbershop in Williamsburg @ 12 pm / $ 10
Film screenings, art exhibitions, tattoo artists, speakers, panel discussions, merch trade, food
+ 3 bands TBA

Sunday, Aug 9th @ TBA 6:00pm
Admygdala (TX)
Fumigados (LA)
Favela Rising (MPLS)
Sem Hastro (Brasil / D.C)
Calafia Puta (Mexico)
Polikarpas y Sus Viciosas (Colombia)