Free Compilation: Latino Resiste Presents "Root A Pacifica"

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While the sounds of the Colombian Caribbean coast are known across the world thanks to the Pan American adoption of cumbia and its subsequent transnational success, little is known about the much more Afro-centric pacific coast, with the one obvious exception of Grammy-winners Choc Quib Town.

To help fill that unfair hole and give the Pacific its proper representation, these two music lovers and internet activists joined forces and put together a compilation of 24 tracks for free download. One of the men behind this project is no other than Caballo (Colombian residing in Canada) who has been featured in Remezcla more than once because of his indefatigable work releasing compilations of cool innovative Latin music through his netlabel Latino Resiste. The other one is the mysterious DJ Mundo, a faceless representative of the Rebel Sounds community, a bootlegger’s haven of mestizo music.

The all-encompassing compilation will take you on a trip through these vastly unexplored areas of Colombia and it’s characteristic music (loots of marimba sounds) mixing in the old and the new, with remixes of traditional tunes and original tunes by current artists. Lots of unknown names for the uninitiated, that’s for sure, but also some familiar voices like Choc Quib Town’s Goyo (in the most crossover-friendly of the compiled tracks), Pernett, La Mojarra Eléctrica and Uproot Andy. All artists donated their songs for the cause and the artwork was done by the talented design team of AfroMestiza (the same guys who did the art for Sergent Garcías‘s latest albums).

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