Protests throughout the U.S. hit an intensity peak last night, with D.C. fires prompting the White House to go dark as Trump fled to an underground bunker. The fight for justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the many other unarmed Black Americans who’ve died at the hands of police is simultaneously a fight to end police brutality and ultimately—finally—end systemic racism. Across the globe, from London to Auckland and Tokyo, more and more people are joining the cause.

We know politically active queen Cardi B is a fervent supporter of the movement, but what about other Latinx or Spanish-speaking artists getting involved? Here’s a few who’ve shown support for the movement over the past few days.

On Saturday, Pitbull expressed support bilingually.


Residente’s statement is one that was also repeated—albeit in Spanish—during last summer’s #RickyRenuncia protests in Puerto Rico. (Over time the original quote it’s based on has been attributed to various people.)

Captioning a clip of Martin Luther King, Jr. ‘s speech, “The Other America,” JLo writes, “How can anyone say they are in this country and not do something when they see lives cut short because of the color of their skin?” A few days prior, she reposted Nas’ call for #JusticeForFloyd.

Yesterday on Twitter she shared an image that reads, “It’s not white vs black. It’s everyone vs racists.”


Natti Natasha expresses support simply, with no strings attached.


Chilean pop singer-songwriter Cami wants to make sure everyone knows what she thinks of 45. On request from a fan, she also retweeted a list of ways to help support the movement. 


Becky G says anyone not talking about this is “part of the systemic problem”—everyone should stand with #blacklivesmatter. She links in her bio ways to support the cause.

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There are not enough words to express the millions of emotions Ive been feeling as a member of the overall minority community, but most importantly as an ally to the black communities that have and still are being directly affected by past and present events. I am proud of the people I follow and fans that I see reposting resources – to better themselves, to bring awareness and to uplift one another and stand in solidarity. But I urge you all to consider who you are offline and what else we can do, to not just place bandaids on gun shot wounds. To those who are not talking about this with friends, family, fans – YOU are part of the systemic problem. If you are not outraged and heartbroken by the fact that BLACK LIVES have been shamelessly killed for far too long, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. If you aren’t furious about “leaders” in powerful positions, threatening VIOLENCE on their own people and promoting racism, YOU ARE PART OF THE FUCKING PROBLEM. I stand with #blacklivesmatter. & if you too stand against racism, I ask you to please visit the link in my bio. It will lead you to some of the petitions, phone numbers, and other useful resources that are working to help the overall cause. Please join me in elevating the voices the system has tried to silence for too long.

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Carla Morrison condemns silence, and reminds that all non-black people are inherently racist. “We all have racist tendencies because we grew up in a society that daily screams at us to have white skin gives you a step up from everyone else.” She notes that this systemic issue is also prevalent throughout Mexican culture. The Tecate, Baja California-born artist calls for people to “continue evolving with your heart” and to “maximize and practice empathy.”

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El silencio dice MUCHO. En un mundo donde hoy en día todo mundo da su UNSOLICITED opinion sobre TODAS las cosas, ahora mismo el silencio en sus redes “sociales” dice MAS sobre la situación que claramente esta pasando y es MUY dolorosa pero mas que nada INJUSTA. Todos tenemos tendencias racistas porque crecimos en una sociedad que nos grita a diario que tener piel blanca siempre te va a poner un paso adelante de los demás, esto pasa en Mexico, esto pasa aquí en Paris, esto pasa en TODOS lados y hacer ojos ciegos no solo hiere, si no que atrasa cualquier tipo de avance/evolución. Mi primer mejor amigo de primaria se llamaba Jeremy y era un niño afroamericano que se empeño a acompañarme diario en el recreo porque yo estaba muerta de miedo en mis primeros años escolares en Potrero ( cruzando la frontera de Tecate a San Diego) y yo lo adoraba, era mi UNICO amigo. A los 2 años nos corrieron a todos los niños que éramos mexicanos y vivíamos fuera del país y recuerdo que un día mire a Jeremy en la garita vendiendo chicles porque a él también lo corrieron, el viviendo DENTRO del país y se me rompió el corazón, era muy pequeña para entender con mi mente pero mi corazón entendió LA INJUSTICIA. Este mundo esta lleno de miedo, de ignorancia y de odio, le falta empatía y le falta educación, es IMPRESIONANTE y que en el año 2020 estemos exigiendo el derecho a vivir en paz, no es normal. Yo he vivido ese racismo en USA como mexicana, en medio de Wisconsin hace unos años en medio de una gira y mi novio por su piel morena, en una tienda BEST BUY nos vigilaban, miraban nuestras manos, lo que tomábamos,nos perseguían, curiosamente todos ellos eran de piel blanca y nos miraban como si hubiéramos llegado de Saturno… fue horrible y eso no es NADA a comparación de vivir por años y a diario el rechazo constante. Necesitamos re aprender nuestras tendencias, cambiar esas ideas que no son nuestras, continuar evolucionando con nuestro corazón y maximizar y practicar nuestra empatía. To all my Black sisters and brothers your struggle is my struggle, its OUR struggle! We are not free until ALL of us are free! Estoy con ustedes, SU lucha es MI lucha.

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Granada rapper Yung Beef calls out the silence of other artists.


Beyond his own statement, Puerto Rican rapper Kobe Brray also retweets Yung Beef’s callout and pushes a ton of other tweets supporting the protests, including Ice Cube’s “They’d rather arrest hundreds of American citizens than 3 of their own. Very telling.” He’s also anti-Trump, pointing to the 2016 case against him and Jeffrey Epstein on multiple complaints including the alleged rape, sexual abuse and false imprisonment of a then-13-year-old girl.