This 3-Day Event Will Hold Convos About Latin American Electronic Music Culture

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Even though the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted club culture worldwide tremendously, it has also represented an opportunity for many of its participants to evaluate the current status of the region’s electronic music structures and to identify some of its areas of improvement. With this in mind, a group of producers, promoters, journalists, and more, from places like Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Paraguay, created LATITUDES, a new space for conversation and coordinated action where the diversity and commonalities of the Latin American countries are placed front and center.

LATITUDES is a three-day event taking place on October 12-14, where an impressive list of participants will share their thoughts on topics concerning Latin American electronic music culture. Day one will tackle decolonization, reflecting on the way audiences and creators value American and European content more than their own. Brazil-based Chilean producer Valesuchi, NAAFI’s Imaabs, Hiedrah’s Yban L. Ratto, and KENYA are all participating, with ECO’s Luisa Uribe serving as the moderator.

On day two, María Melissa Ortega is moderating a conversation about the precariousness of the music industry, joined by Cómeme’s head honcho Matías Aguayo, Colombian producer Verraco, and Futura Artists’ Avril Ceballos. Finally, day three is all about music media, as Chilean producer Nico Castro moderates a discussion with panelists Nathalia Guerrero, Shams Faure, Alonso Aguilar, and our very own Richard Villegas.

A formal introduction to the LATITUDES project is taking place on October 4 as part of this year’s Radical Sounds Latin America festival. Moderated by ECO’s Laura Solarte, a.k.a. Bitter Babe, the panel will be the perfect occasion dive deep and learn more about LATITUDES and its program, alongside participants Lucía Anaya (Traición, Onda Mundial,) Medellin DJ Juliana, and Brazilian DJ and sociologist Chico Cornejo.
For more information and full schedule, go to the LATITUDES Instagram account.