Free Download: Li Saumet + Zizek + Niña Dioz's new supergroup!

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What happens when you put Mexican femcee Niña Dioz and Colombian bombshell Li Saumet (of Bomba Estéreo) in the same recording studio and you drop a hot new cumbia riddim manufactured by Argentina’s Zizek founding members Villa Diamante and El Remolón? Not only do you have an instant hit that will keep you warm for the rest of the winter, you also have a new band, or something close to that.

La Cofradía de Los Corazones Solitarios is the name of this new “capricious experiment” (as defined by Diamante himself), where Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina’s different approaches to nü-cumbia collide to make a continental bang that’s pure power. In fact, it’s recontra power! We know for a fact that Niña Dioz and Li Saumet make a dynamic duo (as anyone who beared witness to Remezcla Musica’s Launch Party can tell you).

Will this just be a one-shot rarity or the beginning of an actual international coalition of cumbia’s new school elite that will keep on delivering instant hits like this one? Está por verse.

Meanwhile, download the debut of La Cofradía FREE here.