Listen: Acidandali's Terrain Vague EP [MEX]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Some people worship guitarists, others worship guitars, and some others worship a guitar when it sounds like an unearthly creature. Acidandali belongs to the last category.

A trio from Mexico City armed with rock instruments, Acidandali has been making a racket since 2012, piling music on their Bandcamp page that ranges from studio affairs to live albums and even improv sessions. They have also been active on the local live circuit, playing DIY festivals like Antes De Que Nos Olviden and Aquí No Hubo Escena, always with energetic and memorable sets. Their latest is an EP of all new material and it’s great if you dig alterna-noise.

Terrain Vague is an explosion of feedback and reverb that barely stands still and creates spaces in the soundscape. The production is lo-fi and trebly, serving the music rightly. Fuzzy like The Jesus and Mary Chain and frenetic like Sonic Youth, the songs on these EP build something bigger through ghastly voices and improvisation.

This isn’t dream pop– these are trips to nightmare corridors of poppy goodness. Stream or download for free here.