Listen: Adanowsky a.k.a. Ada's “Dancing To The Radio” [MEX]

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Another year brings another album and, of course, another identity for Adanowsky. The man formerly known as El Ídolo and El Amador now has a new persona: Ada. Wait, what?!

You see, Adán Jodorowsky was originally named Ada Jorodowsky because a set of Tarot cards told his mom that he was going to be born female (the Jodorowsky family is quite…different). That obviously didn’t happen and Mrs. Jodorowsky fixed her mistake by adding a letter at the end of his name.

For his next, uh, personality, Adanowsky has channeled this funky, funky past as well as his inner Ziggy Stardust (minus the Spiders From Mars). Ada is a sexually ambiguous character, both man and woman, or, perhaps, neither, who writes disco/pop tunes (with some help from the Polycarpe Brothers). The album, which will be released later this year, will feature 11 songs in English and only two in Spanish.

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