Listen: AJ Dávila's bratty duet with Selma Oxor, "Dura como Piedra" [PR/MX]

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It seems that AJ Dávila is vying for the 2013 Mister Congeniality title. How else would you explain ALL of the collaborations on his upcoming solo debut Terror/Amor? The list reads like a Remezcla wet dream: Alex Anwandter, Fantasmes, Juan Cirerol, Selma Oxor, Mimi Maura, Las Robertas’ Meche Oller, Sergio Rotman (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs), Dax Díaz, and on and on. Dude rolls deep.

After the not-so-permanent disbandment of Dávila 666 earlier this year, AJ Dávila—aka Arnaldo Lozada—set out to make his solo mark on the scene, utilizing his punk, grunge, surf, and hip-hop background, and his friends, of course. We’re anxious to hear the result, but if advance singles “Animal” and “Dura como Piedra” (ft. Oxor) are any indication, Terror/Amor might stand to be one of the seminal Latin American albums of 2013. Not to over-hype it or anything.

Listen to AJ Dávila’s duet with electro-goth princess Selma Oxor HERE (via our friends at Puerto Rico Indie).

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