Listen: Aka Lakra's Dreamy, Schizophrenic Track “Piscis” [VEN]

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Listening to “Piscis,” the brand new track from Jonathan Montoya in his Aka Lakra guise, you can hear many parts on the song that fade in and out in a dreamy yet schizophrenic manner. Learning a bit from the Venezuelan producer will make you understand that a track with different strains of sound is not so out of place.

Hailing from San Cristobal, Montoya first made an impact with Jairomendez, the persona of a country man that discovers electronic music and decides to delve in it. Some time later, Montoya unleashed Lakra to the world, “killing” Jairomendez without much explanation. Some believe Lakra is Jairomendez’s murderer while others think it’s a new name for the same character.

Jonathan has a knack for coming up with quirky ways of releasing his music, and it extends to his output. “Piscis” offers patches of ambient peace-like synth chords with busy drum programming that recalls nineties drum and bass stalwarts like Roni Size and Omni Trio. Washes of synths, dub style production and pretty melodies collide seamlessly in a song that goes through a few changes. There are different parts to the track, making a sort of imaginary narrative.

Who knows what character will Montoya assume in the future but, for now, this is Lakra’s game. Listen to “Piscis” here.