LISTEN: Alex Anwandter Taps Javiera Mena for “Unx De Nosotrxs”

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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Alex Anwandter has released the latest single from his upcoming album El Diablo En El Cuerpo called “Unx De Nosotrxs” featuring fellow Chilean singer Javiera Mena (May 5), and it’s summer playlist-ready. 

The queer pop titans sing about their desire to come together and feel alive again over a whirling disco groove that sets the tone for next month’s Pride festivities. According to Anwandter, the track is one of several on his upcoming album that makes commentary “on how desire clashes with social conventions of what romantic love should be.” “Javiera and I are both queer artists from Chile, so I feel a special partnership with her,” said Anwandter in a press release. “In that song, I let myself be a bit nostalgic about how silly we all were and how it was both fun and painful to grow up together in that time.”

“Alex Anwandter is outdoing himself by releasing new songs, each one better than the last,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “Now he’s collaborating with Javiera Mena. Oh my, it’s going crazy!”

“Alex Anwandter and Javiera Mena said we’re going to give the gays and lesbains everything they want,” wrote another fan.

“The songs that Alex Anwandter released with Buscabulla and with Javiera Mena have me rediscover emotion towards his work. Both of [these are] very good,” wrote another fan referencing the single “Mi Vida En Llamas” released last month.

Anwandter’s upcoming LP El Diable En El Cuerpo is described as an epic “neon dance” album that he recorded and produced himself in New York City over the past few years. The album is set to be released on May 26, and Anwandter has already released several pre-release singles, including “Precipicio” and “Maricoteca.”

Listen to “Unx De Nosotrxs” below.