Listen: Alizzz's Sunshine EP [ESP]

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You’ve never heard Jersey club quite like this before, and it’s probably because it was made by a Catalan producer. Christian Quirante, a.k.a. Alizzz, takes this genre and infuses it with the style he developed on his sexy Whoa EP (Arkestra, 2013), and the result comes in the form of Sunshine (Jeffree‘s, 2014).

These songs are connected through some signature elements, like the water-drop snare sound, frenetic beats, pitched vocal samples, maximalist production, and the synths. Oh, those glorious synths. So bright! So colorful! They sound like they are constantly in motion. Like his Arkestra partner, BFlecha, Alizzz makes dazzling, lush songs, grabbing bits from previous eras, but sounding so current and new.

R&B, ’80s soul, house references, trap hi-hats, wonky, and, of course, Jersey club. It’s all right here, in just four songs. After listening to the whole thing, you’ll realize why naming it Sunshine was the most obvious decision.