Listen: Álvaro Díaz's "La Milla de Oro" [P.R.]

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TWITTER: @Kiddieriot

This rapero puertorriqueño has already made a name for himself with a bunch of releases and now he’s giving us a sneak preview of his upcoming album, Hato Rey, slated to be released in a few months.

From the get go, it’s undeniable that Álvaro can easily submit a rhyme to mercy with his narrative abilities, which in this case are in the service of exploring his struggles at various stages of his life. His voice spews in a monotone but his wordplay never fails to remain interesting. Deciphering the words rolling out of his mouth can be a challenging but rewarding experience.

La Milla de Oro“‘s true virtue is the seamlessly mutating beat that makes the four-plus-minutes song such a good ride. Producers Caleb Calloway (who has worked with LMFAO, among many others) and Young Martino craft a hollow and claustrophobic beat. Ultra processed digital noises and synths sprinkle around the 4/4 room to give it depth. The production team also conjures chants in the intro that reappear during parts of the chorus, inserting dancehall toasting in key moments. Around the three-minute mark, the beat shifts along with some isolated notes and Álvaro’s flow becomes more rhythmic, making the final stretch of the mile a true delight.