Listen: Astro’s Andrés Nusser’s Solo Project, Karakoram-Mekong

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Calling all Astro lovers (which is everyone at this point, right?). I was casually stalking Astro on Twitter and I came across a supposedly Burma-sourced SoundCloud page, only to find out the source was more Andean than Burmese. Andrés Nusser, Astro’s frontman, started a solo project under the name of Karakoram-Mekong a while back. Once you get past the mouthful that is the name, you’ll find a harmonious combination of Astro’s usual synth-pop mixed in with infectuous guitar riffs and a tinge of the ethereal. It follows the path of intergalactic pop paved by Astro but ventures out into a more spiritual realm. All of the tracks are in English, which could mean a crossover to the American scene (and more touring, please!). Check out the Karakoram-Mekong rough demos below.