Listen: Ave Negra's Self-Titled EP [C.R.]

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Ave Negra’s new EP isn’t really all that new. Each song on this seven-track, self-titled EP has appeared in smaller Ave Negra EPs in the past (Enamorados… and Sensaciones Juveniles most notably). But with this EP, the Costa Rica trio is welcomed into the Tigre Discs family, a just-born independent label based in Barcelona and London.

Featuring that brash and sharp scuzz rock we’ve come to expect, the EP throws all the Ave Negra punches in their small repertoire. And what a small-but-brilliant repertoire it is. This is one of my favorite releases of the year so far; an EP to make you savagely dance, to keep you company while you cook, to make a long drive go by faster. Fun fact: Cover art by Las Robertas’ Meche Oller.