Listen: Beach Beach's "Just Like Before" [ESP]

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That’s it. Give up. You won’t hear a song catchier than this one today. You simply won’t. From Barcelona, Spain, Beach Beach just put out the first preview of their second album, The Sea, due in mid-September through legendary Spanish label La Castanya. “Just Like Before” is an indisputable hit.

Clocking just under two minutes, they give us a condensation of the best elements from the 80s and 90s indie pop, on-point picked guitar melodies, fast drums, an effective bass line, the steady tambourine embellishing the song from start to finish, and, of course, a monstrous one-line chorus which is repeated enough times for you to have it stuck in your head for quite some time. You will most definitely be singing “Dark is the night/I can’t see you” without even noticing. Indie pop at is finest.

Listen to “Just Like Before” here: