Listen: Belafonte Sensacional's "Valedor" [MEX]

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A vibrant modern capital and one of the most cosmopolitan cities this side of the Atlantic, Mexico City has always been wild at heart. That’s probably why they keep one of the largest altars to Santa Muerte there, in the barrio bravo of Tepito. That’s certainly why during the late 70s the city birthed a musical movement called rupestre: cave music –Tampico’s own Rockdrigo Gonzalez is a prime example of this movement.

Well, in this ever-nostalgic post-apocalyptic world of ours, this cave music’s influence can still be felt. Remezcla’s readers have met Belafonte Sensacional before in an interview where Israel “Belafonte” Ramírez spoke of urban rock, bluegrass, and bards. Well, they’re at it again with a new single called “Valedor.” Valedor reminds me of Caite Cadáver, but also of sweet, sweet California surf. Perhaps even rockabilly. But you be the judge: just listen.