Listen: Bial Hclap's “El Viaje” ft. Mariachi-Level Trumpets by Arturo De La Torre

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Upon listening to “El Viaje,” you might get a weird mental image of a hip-hop show going off, barrio-style, erupting suddenly into one tough conga line. Don’t worry if you can’t get these thought off your head, embrace it. It’s the Bial effect.

The man behind Hierbass Morenas and the Tastybass compilation we’ve covered previously, Bial Hclap is now preparing to release Río de Lodo Lado A, a collection of beats fleshed out by some of Mexico’s finest MCs, including Pato Machete and Capricornio Man form El Gran Silecncio.

That being said, “El Viaje” is mostly an instrumental track where the guest of honor is trumpetist Arturo De La Torre, an alumnus of greats like Wynton Marsalis and founder of such groups as the San Juan Project, Guanatos Grass Band, and the GC Jazz Orchestra. Both Guadalajara men get down with a traditional funk groove, mariachi-level festive horns, disco synths, and scratches. To top it all off, another Tapatio steps into the mix: rhymer Gallo Negro lays down some science for a bit before returning to the happy trumpet festivity.

Listen to “El Viaje” here.