Listen: Bial Hclap's Hierbass Morenas EP [MEX]

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Listening to Hierbass Morenas makes us feel like what we’re experiencing is something different than most stylistic trappings we might encounter in similar genres.

The six tracks contained in this release have many types of sounds and approaches to grant its own standing. Open ringing tones welcome the listener to the bliss contained in this album, then clash head-on with heavy buzzing synths, on top of which a pretty melody lands. As if this wasn’t enough, the whole thing gives way to a more chilled-out soundscape before turning back to the first, more jarring section. And this is just the first track.

The sound Bial Hclap presents here can be described as techno meets trap with some industrial shapes. Hip-hop beats are the clockwork that keep the tunes ticking along, bone-rattling bass comes and goes throughout, and there’s also Detroit and European traditions present in the melodies and instruments displayed. Yet everything feels off-center enough to give a fresh spin, aided as well by Bial’s handling of the arrangements.

Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Humberto Loopz is a veteran of the hip-hop scene, starting out as an MC and producer in 2001 and having worked and remixed a veritable who’s who in Mexico’s rap game (he has since retired from rhyming to focus on beats). Hierbass Morenas is being released by Discos Cuchillo (the folks behind the great Gazapo tape from DF’s merry troubadours Belafonte Sensacional) who, in addition to the digital release, have made it available in physical form as a series of unique silkscreened postcards.

You can listen to these finely-spiced mixture of sounds and grooves right here.